This is where all the comic material not related to the main storyline goes.

Filler #1 - 4/29/2009

FotF: Filler #1

Filler #2 - 5/10/2009

FotF: Filler #2

Pun-Pun Theater

Puns: "the lowest form of humor", according to Samuel Johnson. Yes, I have sunk to those depths. However, whenever filler is needed, they should provide me with quick and easy material to work with.

Note that the use of the name "Pun-Pun" is itself a pun - Pun-Pun is an actual name for a D&D character build. Pun-Pun the kobold is supposed to be nigh-unstoppable or something.

#1 - 5/13/2009

Pun-Pun Theater #1