What kind of comic is Folks of the Forum?

Folks of the Forum is a fan comic based on Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick and centered around the Red vs. Blue community, particularly the LFTO Networking group.

Wait, you lost me. "LFTO"?

LFTO stands for "Let's Figure This Out". It is the name of a plot-analysis thread in Red vs. Blue's Sponsors forum that eventually developed into a community of its own. The title is mostly an artifact of the topic creator's creation.

How often does Folks of the Forum update?

Every Wednesday and Sunday, at 12:00 AM, PST (GMT -8).

Boo! I don't want to stay up until [insert local time here] !

Just read the comic in the morning.

Your work looks awesome! Are you the guy who does Order of the Stick™?

As you may have guessed by reading the first question, I am not, in fact, the guy who does Order of the Stick™. Rich Burlew is a much more skilled graphic designer and storyteller than I, and besides, he has his own webspace - he wouldn't need to host a comic on Smack Jeeves.

Your work looks like crap! And why don't any of the characters wear pants?

Hey, it's Burlew's art style, not mine. When I have the time, I might decide to branch out and include pants on my character models. Until then, though, just go with the flow.

And as for general complaints about crappiness, there are tens of thousands of other webcomics to read out there. If you don't like this one, go read another. If you have a more specific complaint about my work, though, I'm all ears.

Can I be in the comic?

It depends. Though the main gimmick of this comic is my ability to bring in any person that I've done an avatar for, I've mostly restricted that work to the people who are a part of LFTO Networking. I created this comic for them, after all, and it is that fanbase that I must pander to first and foremost.

Has anyone actually asked any of these so-called "Frequently Asked Questions"?

You'd be surprised at how many people balk at the lack of explicitly-drawn pants. The pants are implied, people.


That's not a question.

why r u mr gay lol?

Because someone dropped you on your head in your youth. If you don't have anything constructive to say, kindly direct your attention to the next website over. We don't need your kind here.

Are you like one of those webcomic artists who doesn't accept any criticism, ever? You know the one I'm talking about.

Criticism is fine. Aimless attacks at my personal character and my webcomic are not.

More to follow!