June 5th, 2010, 9:47 pm

Expansion Project #2: Leet Wars

Hey, you guys remember back in January when I said I was learning Flash? Well behold the fruits of my labor.

(Version 0.1.1)

The concept itself is pretty simple: play in the world of Folks of the Forum. Expansion Project #2 truly lives up to its name; not only will we be expanding into different media, but the very scope of the FotF universe is about to grow. I've got much more up my sleeve in regards to this project, but I'm not going to give it all out just yet - one of my professors taught me it is always wise to manage expectations.

The level you see here is a prototype of the Archives, the node through which all data in the Net passes. It is swarming in Bots; your task is to defeat them while collecting as much Source (blue orbs) as possible. Pay special attention to the bottom of the screen, as I've programmed tutorial messages for just about everything you need to know.

The game you see here is merely a prototype. There are bugs, and if you find any please let me know so I can fix them for the first episodic release of the game.

Special thanks to superjim for composing the title screen, boss, and results page BGM as well as "garratinizing" my own composition that makes up the main BGM. And thanks to reesekindle, who helped me generate the background images and gave me advice on the development process of the game.

One last shoutout to my Programming for Interactivity class partner, who assisted me in assembling the Flash coding and is undoubtedly not reading this page.


The Recreator, June 5th, 2010, 9:47 pm

Bugs and Features Known Bugs:
• The game does not load: It's loading, but the game doesn't have a preloader. You won't know it's loading until it's done loading.
• The characters/colored orbs fall through the floor: This is caused by the physics engine, which updates positions and checks collisions based on time, not frames. If your frame rate dips too low, your character will pass right through the floor without intersecting it first.
• The Spiderbot's spit balls don't always damage the character: This is another collision detection issue, but one I haven't fully figured out yet. (Fixed v.0.1.2, pending confirmation)
• The player has difficulty lining up to climb the ladders up through the platform to the next level: The player's hit box is barely thin enough to enter that part of the level. I'll see about finding a way to center the character on the ladder while climbing.
• "E" does not fire the gun: Programmer's mistake. Sorry, I'll fix that in the next release. (Fixed v.0.1.1)

Known Feature Issues:
• Uncomfortable keyboard layout.
• Item system makes it impossible to earn the top rank in some runs: I'll tweak the frequency and add more item chests… but you sure you found all the ones that are on the map in the first place?

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